Papers / Presentations

Thursday 29/4

Opening speech by Professor Yannis Caloghirou

“High-Tech Immigrant Entrepreneurship in the U.S.”  David Hart (George Mason University) (presentation)

Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship and growth

“Conceptualizing Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship: Concepts and models”  Franco Malerba and Maureen McKelvey

“On taxation in sunspot driven imperfectly competitive economies”  Rodolphe Dos Santos Ferreira and Frédéric Dufourt (paper)

“Knowledge-based entrepreneurship, clusters and economic growth: An overview of the literature”  Niels Bosma (presentation 1) (presentation 2)

“From innovativeness to Social Well-Being. Theoretical considerations”  Martin Binder, Ulrich Witt (presentation)

Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship, varieties of capitalism and National Systems of Innovation

“Knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship, national systems of innovation and European varieties of capitalism: A conceptual framework”  Charles Edquist and Jon Mikel Zabala (presentation)

“RUSSIA: Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship under Conditions of Superior Foreign Competition in a Liberal Transition/Market Economy”  Andrei Yudanov, Natalia Dumnaya, Galina Kolodnyaa (paper(presentation)

“Innovation systems and knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship”  Slavo Radosevic (paper(presentation)

The role of different types of networks in shaping knowledge intensive entrepreneurship

“Business network literature review and building of conceptual models of networks and knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship”  N. Vonortas (presentation)

“Networking for entrepreneurship: The search for resources in knowledge intensive sectors”  Isabel Salavisa, Margarida Fontes, Cristina Sousa, Pedro Videira (presentation)

“Participation Intensity and role of knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship firms in EU-funded research networks”  A. Protogerou, Y. Caloghirou, E. Siokas, N. Kanellos  (presentation)

“The Use of Exploration and Exploitation Alliances of Dedicated Biotechnology Firms”  Despoina Filiou (paper(presentation)

Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship: social and educational aspects

“Social consequences of increasing entrepreneurship in Europe”  Ed Steinmueller (paper) (presentation)

“Innovative Entrepreneurship Education of Greek informatics graduates (2007–2010): how innovation is perceived in virtual business planning?”  Alexandros Kakouris and Panagiotis Georgiadis (paper(presentation)

“The role of engineering education in promoting technology entrepreneurship in Greece”  Y. Caloghirou, A. Protogerou (presentation)

“Lessons from surveys on entrepreneurship and policy implications”  David Hart, Niels Bosma, Helmut Fryges, Y. Caloghirou (presentation)

Friday 30/4

Entrepreneurship in Greece: A historical perspective

“Entrepreneurial Typologies in a Young Nation State: Observations on embeddedness and co-evolution”  Ioanna Sapfo Pepelasis (presentation)

The role of demand and public procurement in promoting Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship

“A Conceptual Framework for Analyzing the Relations between Demand and Public Procurement for Innovation and between Knowledge-intensive Entrepreneurship and Innovation” Charles Edquist and Jon Mikel Zabala (presentation)

“The role played by purchasing policies of the public administration and the local authorities for the provision of e-government services in stimulating the emergence and/or growth of knowledge intensive entrepreneurship at the local, regional and national level”  Yannis Caloghirou and Panayiotis Panayiotopoulos (presentation)

Entrepreneurship in low-tech sectors

“Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship in Low-tech Sectors”  Hartmut Hirsch-Kreinsen, Isabel Schwinge (paper(presentation)

“The sectoral patterns and determinants of trademarking”  Ricardo Paes Mamede (presentation)

Regional dimensions of Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship

“Determinants of regional innovation: the Portuguese evidence”  Manuel Mira Godinho, Vitor Hugo Ferreira (paper) (presentation)

“Innovation Efficiency and Technology Gaps in European Region: North vs. South”  Areti Gkypali,  Alexandra Kontolaimou, Kostas Kounetas and Kostas Tsekouras (paper) (presentation)

The micro-determinants of Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship

“The Impact of Technological Capability, Entrepreneurial Locus of Control and Political Competence on New Venture Innovation”  Deligianni I., Voudouris, I., and Lioukas, S. (paper(presentation)

“The Effect of Co-Worker Experience on the Survival of Knowledge Intensive Start-ups”  Bram Timmermans (paper) (presentation)

“Female Knowledge-Intensive Entrepreneurship: A Quality yet no Gender Gap”  Aggelos Tsakanikas, Stelina Chatzichristou (presentation)

“Role of leadership in the innovativeness and development of Communities of Practice (CoPs); the case of United Nations (UN)”  Nima FALLAH (presentation)

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